Great Health Benefits In Yummy Bangda Fish Fry

Bangda, popularly known as Indian mackerel is widely used in cooking in homes where fish eating is pretty common. The unique taste and availability across local fish markets one of the major reasons why it finds a common place in the kitchens of many people. If you are an avid lover of bangda fish, then there are numerous recipes which you can try at home. This fish can be enjoyed it throughout the year and barring just 1-2 months of in.

You can enjoy it throughout the year, barring 1-2 months of the season in. Generally, it is cooked in curry which is red based. This fish can be prepared as a starter or snack item also. Some of these recipes are mentioned below :-

Bangada Fish Curry
Bangada Fish Curry

Health objectives of Bangda Fish

One of the major ways to prevent heart disease is through consumption of diet which contains certain amounts of omega 3 fatty acids. This type of fish is rich in saturated fats, monosaturated & fatty acids. Consumption of mackerel fish on a daily basis can help you keep blood pressure level under control.

Easy Way to prepare Bangda Rava Fry

ingredients :

  • 2 pieces of medium sized Bangda fish (slit from middle section)
  • 1 cup of rice flour
  • 4-5 tablespoon of semolina
  • 2-3 teaspoon of red powder
  • 5-6 pieces of (soaked in water)
  • Oil for shallow fry
  • Salt

Procedure :

Across different parts of the Western coast, you will come across various styles of preparing this recipe. The only difference lies in the way you marinate and sour ingredients.

Kokam which is widely found in Konkan is really suitable for frying fish delicacies. When it comes to marination technique, it only helps to improve the flavor. Then, place the fish on a plate and apply salt, turmeric powder, paste and red powder on it. Rub the ingredients carefully on the fish skin. Keep the fish in for half an hour.

Bangda (Indian Mackerel)
Bangda (Indian Mackerel)

Heat the pan on medium flame and add oil and add oil when it turns hot. Meanwhile, add some flour, semolina, red powder on a dry plate and mix them properly.

Dust the marinated fish well with flour mixture. Then, remove the excess flour by shaking the fish on the same plate. (You can follow the same process for other pieces also). Place it on the hot pan and cook it perfectly for 4-5 minutes on each side.

Once it turns crisp from outside and juicy inside, take it out on oil absorbent paper. Serve the bangda fish fry along with the onion rings, mint chutney, lemon and or hot chapatti.


Understanding the Role of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services through the digital medium like internet, mobile phones and any other digital medium. Through digital marketing you can reach a vast and diverse audience. More and more people are using digital devices to make purchases.

Digital Marketing
More and more business are now establishing their presence online. This is because more and more people now make purchases online. Online shoppers are also purchasing internationally. Through digital marketing you can reach your customers at a lower cost than the usual traditional methods. The products are marketed directly on your website. Customers enjoy greater convenience as they can shop at leisure and do out have to go out to physical shops. Results of digital marketing can be immediate as the customer is a few clicks away from making a purchase. Consumers are increasingly using the internet to find products, compare prices and search for deals.

Digital Marketing Diploma | Image Resource :

If you are connected to the customer base through the website then you can interact with your customers wherever they visit the website. You can use social media you can build customer loyalty and create an image of being easy to engage. You can get feedback about your products through reviews. Social media allows individuals to create content and publish their opinions and experience about any products.

It is easier to measure the effectiveness of a digital campaign as various web analytics tools are available. These tools can establish how effective your campaign is. It can be setup to measure how much money you make through digital marketing.

Digital marketing techniques like SEO, SEM, content marketing, email marketing, display advertising, e-books and games have become common with advancing technology.

Digital Marketing Diploma Courses
As digital marketing has become a preferred career option many institutes have started courses in digital marketing. There are digital marketing diploma courses available. Some institutes also offer part-time courses. The courses are designed to meet digital marketing industry requirements and develop smart digital marketing professionals.

The eligibility for most of these courses is graduation in any stream with some understanding of digital business. The course consists or extensive in-class training with theory and practicals so that candidates has the required skills and knowledge to get good placements. The topics covered are SEO, SEM / PPC, SMO / ORM, email marketing, web designing concepts, web analytics and effective digital marketing.

The digital marketing diploma course imparts real world digital marketing skills to candidates and makes them job ready. The learning in digital marketing is totally dependent on the trainer. Hence it is very important that the trainers are experienced and have minimum five years of experience in executing and managing digital marketing campaigns. In the course, each student has to participate in creating a live and high-budget digital campaign. This provides for experiential learning. You will be able to handle digital campaigns independently once you complete the course.

If you are looking for a future career as a digital marketer then you should go ahead and sign up for a good diploma course that meets your needs.

5 Customized Corporate Gift Ideas For 2017

Looking for corporate gift ideas that your business partners and clients will love? If you want to gift items that do not end up in the closet but instead create a lasting impression on your clients, you can go for 3D printed gift items for corporate gifting. 3D printing allows you to make the gift of your choice. The gifts are made using 3D printing technology. It is a simple and a fast way to make 3D printed gift items.

Most of the shops have a design portfolio to help you select the design and the product. You can also create your own gift and customise them as you want. These shops can make products to meet your exact needs and can make gifts for any event or occasion. You can make both beautiful decorative items or functional products – the possibilities of what can be made are boundless. The end result is a truly unique and a personalized gift that will surely impress your family, friends or business colleagues and partners.

You can make customised one-of-a-kind product for your business gifting needs. The five most popular 3D printed corporate gift items are

Logo Pen Stand
You can make a pen stand with your company’s logo. It is a unique and useful gift that can given to employees on special occasions.

Card Holder
This is also a very useful gift. It can be made with a unique design and you can add your corporate logo and brand name. You can impress your clients with this unique gift.

Wireframe Clock
This is a unique clock as it has a wireframe around it. It is a perfect piece to keep on your desk. There are various designs from antique to modern that can fit into any theme.

Trophies and Awards
It can be custom made for your corporate events and they can also have catchy phrases written on them.

Company logo
You can give your company logo a unique design to stand out among the rest.

These products are made using 3D technology and 3D printing material. The 3D printing material used are nylon, plastic, sandstone and any meta. A variety of finishes are available. Finishes like smooth surface with slightly granular feel, slightly granular surface, smooth finish, shiny finish, rough finish and plastic type feel are available. Thus you can design items to suit your specific needs and tastes.

The price of the product depends on the manufacturing process, material used and the design. Each product is custom made from scratch. The price of an item can be estimated only after reviewing what is required.

Most of the shops have online websites. You can customize the gifts available online. You can order the corporate gift items online and get them delivered to your home or the recipient. Most of them deliver all over India and abroad. Your clients and business partners will definitely be impressed with the personal touch you add to your gifts.

An Excellent Guide About The Benefits Of Passing IELTS Exam

There are plenty of unique resources a person can take benefits of while attempting to enhance chances like business potential and social resources. While you’re attempting to make a brunt in the globe, one among the ideal resources you can take benefits of passing the IELTS exam.

When this perhaps is a profitable goal, it’s not simple task to pass this exam. To aid enhance your results for attaining this aim, take benefits which will help you in preparing for your test.

Know about the advantages of patronizing steps aid to prepare your IELTS test

  • First Step: Identify Professional Assistance

The initial step to go after while attempting to recognize the perfect solutions to aid you pass your IELTS exam is found with searching for the resources of exclusive English tutor. There’re plenty of resources a person can access which will aid to achieve these tasks of studying on their own, but, no other resources provides as many benefits as an exclusive tutor.

You will be capable to get access to a huge variety of unique topics and advantage from solutions which will help you to enhance compassionate of the foreign language.

  • Second Step: Take benefits of written lessons

Once you’ve been capable to recognize the best tutor for foreign language to aid your testing requirements, the 2nd step is find the benefits of the written topics. These instructors incorporate access to a huge variety of unique study materials which will provide you the best chance for studying the written foreign language is=n the very fast time interval probable.

  • Third Step: Utilize Your Expert Resource To Acquire Insight Into Testing Demands

The 3rd step to take benefits while preparing for your IELTS exam is to use the huge experience of your tutor for foreign language to get an insight into examination demands. The person knows about the several layouts and concepts which appears with this exam, hence, you can enhance your chance of passing the first exam.

IELTS Exam Preparations

IELTS Exam Preparations | Image Resource :

IELTS Exam Preparations: Academic Paper Part I

The part I of the IELTS writing paper literally deals with depicting a process, a map, a table or graphical representation. Almost 9 out of 10 times the queries will be on the graphs. Entire IELTS paper takes 1 hour; however, you must only invest 20 minutes on this part. It’s easier compared to part II and the marks are allocated correspondingly. If you consider the matter of IELTS Exam Preparations, it’s vital to understand and go through the queries and patronage the instructions cautiously.

You generally need to write a report to the lecturer of university, hence, your style must be formal. Bear in mind to utilize ideal paragraphing and you’ll acquire greater marks for this. You must leave a line amid paragraphs to apparently manifest the breaks. Right paragraphing will surely push IELTS band score up. You should write at least 150 words, hence, ensure you cunt the total number you have written, if it’s less than 150 words then it’ll bear a penalty.

A Guide About Where To Buy Best Wedding Dresses In India?

The very first thing that all brides must do while they get engaged is to think about their wedding attires. Every bride has a dream to appear gorgeous on their auspicious day and the attires appear to be the most vital factor. There’re plenty of choices, styles as well as unique costs while you regard the matter of wedding attires and it can be very astounding in the starting stages. It’s thus very essential to ask yourself a few queries prior you run to the adjacent boutique. The venue, season, style and theme will play the major role in the choice of your attires.

Apart from this, another vital factor to determine is where to buy best Wedding Dresses in India? And you must do the research on whether to buy your wedding outfits in an online store or Boutique. A few years back, there was not even a choice, as it was quite complex to purchase a marriage attire online. However, not all the folks live in a huge city with plenty of attires choices and purchasing online has never been simple.

Know about Benefits of purchasing the wedding attires in Online and Boutique

Benefits: Purchasing a wedding attires via online

1. Exchange and Alterations: Many of the online outlets will offer the chance to make alterations or exchange if you’re not satisfied.

2. Actual picture of outfit: You can view the attires on a real person, though it is just a picture.

3. Any time or day: You will be able to log in and purchase or view attires irrespective of the day and time; even the delivery time is generally quick.

Wedding Dresses In India

Wedding Dresses In India | Image Resource :

Benefits: Purchasing a wedding attires via boutique

1. Fit your preferred attires: In the boutique, you’ll be capable to attempt on some attire that will offer you a well plan of what style of attires suits you best.

2. Professional aid fitting the dress: The boutique generally has proficient folks which functions with the brides regularly. They understand the body types as well as what would match your figure the best.

Royal wedding cards: Style and Elegance

The most essential part of any wedding event is inviting the guests. Usually, the guests are invited to the marriages via the wedding cards. At present you can able to different styles and designs of cards from the Royal one up to simple and traditional cards. If you regard the matter of Royal wedding cards, its blush accents and ornate font conveying royal look on the marriage card sets a motion for the Royal theme marriage. In line with an aristocratic this understated design can be spotlighted with the groom and bride’s names in the large font.

These types of wedding invitations have been assigning of royalty as well as elegance. There’re even classic forms of marriage cards. This type of wedding invitation is actually meant for the folks belonging to any of the community as well as religion. The Royal marriage invitation is one among the ideal option to make a wedding event royal.

What is Hotel Management All About?

What is Hotel Management

There is a huge demand for hotel management professionals as there are increasing number of hotels being set up. Hotel management encompasses managing the operations of a hotel and serving the needs of customers.

What is Hotel Management?

Due to the progress in hospitality industry customer demands are increasing. To offer the best value to customers, executives need to be well equipped with skills and experience. For a career in hotel management you can pursue a hotel management course. Many institutes offer degree and diploma programs in hotel management.

  • The degree courses offered by some of the institutes are
  • Bachelor of science in hospitality studies
  • Bachelor of arts in international hospitality and tourism management
  • Bachelor of arts in international culinary arts

The main diploma courses that teach what is hotel management are

  • BBA in travel and tourism
  • Diploma in culinary operations
  • Diploma in hospitality operations
  • Diploma in Patisserie and confectionery

The eligibility for the degree course is HSC or equivalent education. Some courses require minimum 45% marks in HSC to be eligible. For the diploma courses the eligibility is SSC or equivalent education. There is also a personal interview conducted before final selection for the course. Government recognised institutes also conduct an entrance exam.

Some institutes also offer an international curriculum and have collaborations with leading universities around the world. The courses offered have a curriculum that

  • Encourages research to effectively meet quality standards
  • Offers a progressive learning environment that instills relevant professional skills in students
  • Provides a well structured career path
  • Provides a unique platform for knowledge acquisition through projects and internship
  • Guides students to critically reflect on theoretical and practical approaches to workplace behaviour
  • Perfects creative and decision making skills of students to solve workplace issues

Institutes also prepare students for placements and have placement cells that train students to be industry ready. They organise visits to hotels to ensure that students are also aware of practical scenarios. Students are counseled in communication and interview skills while also benefitting from grooming and personality development sessions being conducted by industry experts. Industry experts also provide valuable inputs on current practises and expectations from future employees. They offer specialised training on technical aspects of hotel management.

Career options

Students completing this course can find placements in various departments of a hotel. They can find jobs in operations of the hotel, front office, food and beverages accounting, events and catering, sales and marketing, housekeeping and maintenance.

In addition to the above, there are also opportunities for finding placements in airline catering, cruise ship hotel management, hospital catering, hospitality services in MNC, kitchen management in colleges and companies, catering departments in railways and hotel and catering institutes. What’s more you can also be self employed and run your own business!

After doing the course, students can join as trainees and then move to any position. The salary increases with work experience. As with any management course, communication skills play a very important role in achieving success in the chosen career option.

Vivid DescriptiveUses Of Nanoparticles In The Modern World

Thanks to the modern science which has eased our work and is accessible in providing all types of luxurious facilities. The boon which we humans are getting is through nanotechnology and its distinct products used in various production purposes. The world today is equipped with such a technology and is transforming the way of living significantly.

There are various sectors where we can feel the essence of such a technology. The excellent properties which the original metals do not posses is embedded in the nanoproducts. From consumer to capital goods, every product is now made easily accessible through use of nanotechnology. From big to small scale industries, nanoproducts are now used as the part and parcel product in the course of production.

In various biotechnological world, such products are exploring is benefitting in great terms. It is quite difficult to estimate how significantly the products are used. When you will search online, you will come to know that almost every sector uses nanoparticles for making the process of production pretty easy and efficient.

Get varied information of distinct uses of nanoparticles


Nanoparticles | Image Resource :

  • Electronic sector:

the metal which originally is devoid of conduction of electrons is used for making nanoproducts. Then such material is used in the conduction of electrons thus generating electricity. Such types of nanoproducts are made up of gold, silver, and so on.

  • Medical field:

the very specialty of nanoprducts is that it is too small in size. As it is non poisonous in nature and possess antibacterial properties, it is used in medical science. From the synthesis of medicines to medical equipments, such products are used in varied process. It is able to read the symptoms and ensures easy diagnosis.

  • For manufacturing consumer goods:

The goods of FMCG also use nanoproducts in its production. In the household products, all cleaning agents are made up with excellent qualities of nanoproducts. The products which we use in our daily life can see varied features of nanoproducts.

  • In the automotive sector:

from the production of mere automotive parts to the construction of big vehicles, there is the use of nanotechnology. As the size and weight of such particles is too less, it can be used in such parts making it light in weight and also easily accessible.

  • Food processing industries:

the packaging and processing industries of food, nanoproducts are used significantly. As it transforms and manipulates the molecular arrangement, the food sustains its freshness for pretty days. Moreover, the food is saved from antibacterial properties of nanoproducts keeping it fresh for few days.

  • Manufacturing other products:

the nanoproducts and its efficient properties are now used for the production of other products. From chemical synthesis to physical products, it acts as a catalyst which enhances the production process making it more beneficial.

There are various other properties and usage of nanoproducts too. You can get its information online and also about unlimited sectors in which it is used. Even regular research is being carried out to extract more benefits from it.

Calculate Mutual Fund Returns

Mutual fund offer a wide range of investment solutions to the investors. Mutual fund is a single pool of money collected from a large number of investors and invested in stocks, bonds and other securities. The money is managed by Asset Management Companies.

Mutual Fund
Mutual Fund | Image Resource :


Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)  allows you to invest a fixed amount of money in mutual funds regularly. It is a simple, convenient and disciplined way to reach your financial goals. You can invest small amount of money monthly to reach your final amount. The right amount of money to be invested regularly is called the SIP amount. The following rules should be followed while investing through SIP

  • You should start early and invest regularly.
  • You should stay disciplined and invest for the future
  • You should always invest the right amount

To calculate the right SIP amount you should know the following

  • Your financial goal
  • The number of years you want to invest for
  • The right amount to be invested regularly to reach your financial goal

ICICI Pru MF offers  mutual fund calculator to calculate the right amount to be invested regularly.


You can benefit from the power of compounding by investing in mutual funds. You have to first invest the principal amount. This amount will generate interest. You can add the interest rate to the principal amount and reinvest. This time the interest earned will be bigger as the principal amount is bigger.This process can be repeated and you generate money from money and end up with more money.

Calculate Mutual Fund Returns
Calculate Mutual Fund Returns | Image Resource :

Benefits of investing in mutual funds

The benefits of investing in mutual funds are

  • The funds are managed by professional fund managers and they are supported by expert research teams to give you the right market information
  • As mutual fund invest in different asset class they help you to diversify your investments and reduce investment risk.
  • You can invest and withdraw any amount and you can also choose to invest systematically.
  • The industry is well regulated and transparent so you get complete information about the value of your funds and where they are invested.
  • Some funds allow you to invest in large ticket size investments.

It may become difficult to keep track and plan your investments. ICICI Pru MF offers a range of  tools and planners to help you with calculations and numbers Tools and planners offer user friendly investment options and help you plan your investment goals. They make investing an easy and enjoyable experience.




How Executive MBA Helps Career Of Working Professionals?

Today companies are interested in hiring professionals who have higher level management’s qualifications. This is because they have a volatile business environment, where the dynamics are changing constantly; hence in order to work successfully in it, what is vital is managerial acumen, which only those with MBA skills have. A MBA from a reputed university fetches a high paying career right away.

If you are seeking to gain additional qualifications that assist you in rising to higher positions in the work place, what is needed is an MBA. However as a working professional, dong a regular MBA will not do as what is needed is an executive MBA degree. This is a two year course, which is designed or working professionals. The course is intensive and in-depth, teaching all that has to be known about managements, its principle and applications.

Executive MBA Degree | Image Resource :

What Do You Gain By Doing An Executive MBA Degree?

An executive MBA degree course assists a person by providing him or her with knowledge and skills needed to take effective decisions in the work place and use managements techniques for problem solving. Hence it prepares a person for what lies ahead in the work arena, showing them various situations and means of solving them. Here is a look at how an executive MBA degree helps your career:

  • It teaches all that has to be known about management so that you can take on activities in the work place with confidence
  • You will be able to carry out managerial tasks efficiently and with confidence
  • All aspects of management will be taught so that you can take on the challenges in the work place
  • After getting the executive MBA certificate you can apply or high paying jobs in any company
  • You will gain managerial acumen that helps solve problems in the work place

The biggest advantage in a doing an executive MBA degree is that it can be done while working. So, if you need additional managerial skills but find it hard to attend a regular course to do it, what is required is an executive MBA. The course teaches all that has to be known about the management side of the work place.

You will be learning about management skills, principles and its applications. Various facets of management such as human resources, operations managements etc will be discussed in detail, showing what they are and how you might come across them in the work place.

An executive MBA is for those who want to enter into a managerial position with a high pay. You may come from the science or art stream at the undergraduate level, but with a fifty percent pass, you can enroll into an executive MBA while working and catch up with information on management its features, principle and problem solving techniques. The course is taught by faculty who are experts n the field of management hence you can be sure of getting expert advice and counseling during the classroom sessions.