Salmon Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Fish has always been a part of the diet of people living in the coastal areas of India. Salmon is one of the most widely eaten varieties of sea fish. But till a few years ago, people were unaware of the benefits of consuming salmon. Contemporary medical science has however revealed many interesting benefits about the consumption of salmon. Some of them are mentioned below :-

Buy Surmai Fish
Buy Surmai Fish

Rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Salmon is one of the richest of the long-chain omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. A 100 grams of farmed salmon contains 2.3 grams of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids while the same portion of wild salmon contains 2.6 grams.

In contrast to all other fats, omega-3 fats are regarded as essential by medical experts. Though there is no prescribed recommendation of daily intake of RDI of omega-3 fatty acids, numerous health optimizations recommend that healthy adults offer at least 250-500 mg which is a combination of EPA and DHA every day.

EPA and DHA are known as health benefits. This includes as lowering blood pressure, minimizing the risk of cancer and enhancing the function of cells that line your arteries. An analysis conducted in 2012 of 16 controlled studies has found that consuming 0.45-4.5 grams of omega-3 fatty acids regularly for significant improvements in arterial function.

Studies have shown that these omega-3 fats from fish augments level in your body as effectively by supplementing with the use of fish oil capsules. Consuming at least two servings of salmon per week can help in satisfying your omega-3 fatty acid needs. Since salmon is a major rich source of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids have proved to minimize blood pressure, inflammation and minimize risks which are related to this disease.

A major source of protein

Salmon is a major source of high-quality protein. As in the case of omega-3 fats, protein is a major nutrient which you need to get for your diet. Protein plays a number of important roles within the body heal following injury, protecting bone health and maintaining muscle mass during weight loss and the aging process.

Recent research has also confirmed that for optimal health, each meal needs to provide a minimum of 20-30 grams of high-quality protein. A 3.5-ounce of the surmai fish (salmon is reffered as surmai in Marathi) contains between 22-25 grams of protein. Your body needs protein to heal, protect the health of bones and prevents muscle loss. Salmon offers 22-25 grams of protein per 3.5-ounce per serving.

These are enough reasons to make fish a part of your daily diet. It ensures better health.

Role of Digital Marketing in the Growth of Small Scale Business

Since its inception, digital marketing has developed its network stronger and bigger. Today, every industry can approach the public from their computers, mobile, tablet, and other such gadgets and digital marketing is the reason. This is making the business moguls greater but the industry that needs it the most to expand its reach and grow are the small-scale industries.

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Business and Digital Marketing Courses:

We should keep in mind that small-scale industries or businesses cannot invest in the greater forms of marketing. Not every industry has the money to reach the people through television. We can expect movie stars to promote their movies on reality shows. We can expect telecom industries to create heartwarming advertisements with characters played by popular cricketers. But what if the small startup formed by four young individuals supposed to do? Do they give up on marketing and not attract professionals? This is where digital marketing plays an important role. Digital marketing is not as simple as spreading some information on the social media and expecting to gain popularity. It is carefully planned process executed through multiple steps.

These steps can be learnt through certification courses in digital marketing. Thus, there are many digital marketing certification courses available for graduate students, which span for around 7 months helping individuals become successful at this endeavor. But, how does these industries benefit from digital marketing? How can someone gain the basic insight to its perks?

Benefits tosmall businesses from Digital Marketing:

1. Since smartphones are no longer a luxury and easily accessible, every website is now mobile-friendly. That makes digital marketing easier and cheaper than any other form. Developing applications for mobiles and distributing it gives every small-scale business a personal touch. Moreover, combining it with a partnership with other companies gives them the scope to advertise themselves. Customer service and feedback becomes easier and builds trust among their customers.

2. With proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMM (Social Media Marketing), one can increase the visibility of their merchandise. This will fetch these companies more customers and provide them with a loyal following. With more clarity to what is provided by them the routine miscommunication between client and the organization ceases to exist.

3. To know one’s target audience it is necessary to do adequate research. An analyst trained in this field should do this. This provides the companies with knowledge about the needs of the people. Also a detailed demographic gives you an insight about the location most suitable for your business.

4. Knowledge of one’s competitors is an important study in digital marketing. This helps a business stay ahead of similar organizations and develop new schemes needed for profit.

5. Keeping track of all impressions left on customers. Customer review and promotion based on it is an important part of any business. To know how people perceive the product and how much it affects the brand awareness helps promote products to the correct audience.

For this purpose, an individual and businesses must keep track of institutions providing such digital marketing certification courses. Relationships with such institutions provide various businesses with fresh minds trained in analytics for fruitful resultsfor small-scale businesses.

An Overview And Benefits Of The English Speaking Courses In Vashi

English is now considered as a universal language that can be used in most of the countries of the world. Hence, many students passing out from vernacular medium schools want to be fluent in English, for which they join any spoken English course. As Mumbai is one of the busiest cities of India, most of the residents of this city want to improve their English communication skills. So the English speaking courses in Vashi are fast gaining popularity among the interested English learners.

Different kinds of syllabi used in the English speaking courses of Vashi

Most of the spoken English courses are divided into three levels, according to the existing knowledge of the students in English language. However, the syllabus of all the levels comprise of English grammar, increase in vocabulary, enhancement of reading and writing capabilities, as well as the fluency in English conversation.

English Speaking Courses In Vashi

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  • The first or the Basic level is comprised of learning more and more English words, correct structural forms of the sentences and the right application of tenses and other basic properties of English grammar.
  • The second course is Intermediate level that deals with learning the accurate usage of English grammar, enhancement in the knowledge of English vocabulary, improvement of English pronunciation through reading and conversing sessions, as well as honing the writing skills of better English.
  • The Advance level of the spoken English course consists of highly advanced chapters of English grammar, difficult words and phrases from English vocabulary, high fluency in speaking English before the public and writing of error free English sentences.

Some distinct features of spoken English courses in Vashi

  • These English speaking courses are conducted on week days, for 2 hours session on each evening for the working people. But there are longer sessions on the weekends as well, so that the people working in tight schedules can also attend these classes comfortably.
  • The durations of these spoken English courses vary from 4 weeks to as long as 52 weeks, depending on the learning capability and the present status of the students in English language. Some people are already good in English, but just want to further polish their communication skills for job purposes and thus, they want to take a crash course of very short period.
  • The enrolled students are offered various texts for learning and practicing the usage of English language in reading and writing. They are also given audio and video CDs, from where they can hear and learn the correct pronunciations of English words and practice speaking accordingly, thus enhancing the power of English conversation more effectively.
  • The students are encouraged to speak more often during the classes, to improve their confidence in speaking English sentences without causing too many errors in vocabulary and grammar. They are also taught different kinds of speeches on various topics, as per their choices.
  • The art of creative writing or technical writing skills are also imparted to the students of advanced courses, with the correct sentence structures, formats and the distinct patterns of writing.

Therefore, the people can gain expertise in learning better English from these spoken English courses that are conducted in various institutions of Vashi, in Navi Mumbai.

Brief Description About The Nano Materials And Their Properties

The word ‘nano’ is used for very tiny objects, whose sizes are much smaller than the usual materials. With the rise and rapid growth of nanotechnology, now more people feel interested in gaining knowledge about the nano particles. Usually, the minute particles whose sizes range from 1 – 1000 nanometers are scientifically termed as Nano materials. People have several types of queries and even wrong impressions about the uses of nanotechnology and these nano particles.

Most notable features of the nano materials in latest science

  • The nano particles normally do not have any other dimension, except its length that can be measured only by a special Nanoscale, holding readings from 1 – 100 nanometers. As per the measurement science, 1 millimeter is equal to 100 million nanometers (nm).
  • The materials whose length measure to be less than 100 nm are mostly used as the common nano objects that can be used in several scientific devices, which work in adding or desegregating atoms or molecules of the elements.
  • These nano particles exhibit special electronic and optical properties that are greatly used in many industries, other than the scientific applications.
  • Mostly these nano particles are used in large groups, instead of using single nano particle, as the joint surfaces of all the nano particles together provide much greater impact than that produced by a single particle.
  • Generally, the nano particles can be made in the form of solid rods, hollow tubes, round particles and very fine fibers.
  • Some nano particles occur naturally in various common materials that we see every day; like the thin wax-type covering over the lotus leaves, the scales on the wings of butterflies, colloidal structures available in milk or blood, as well as inner components of the human bones.
  • Many nano particles are made from allotropes of carbon, in the form of microscopic tubes, termed as fullerenes. These nanotubes may also be made of silicon and highly favored for the huge mechanical strength and electrical power of these particles.
  • Graphene nano particles are composed of only one layer of atoms that has got two dimensions, which is a recent discovery. Now graphene is also available in box shaped particles, which is in 3D form.

Nano Materials

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Various uses of nano materials in modern world

The nanotechnology is now widely used in manufacturing washing machines and other similar kinds of electronic appliances, food processing and packaging, manufacture of suitable dressing for wounds in healthcare industry, making of several cosmetics, creation of socks and various undergarments in textile industry, as well as in various applications for protection of environment. But the most important use of nano particles is made in Information Technology sector, for the creation and operation of various instruments there.

But the users of nano particles should be careful about the proper usage of these high reactive materials, mainly in biotechnological and environmental applications, as these particles can easily penetrate through the human bodies and cause damage, if suitable precautions are not taken.

Amazing Traditions Followed In All Native American Weddings

In America, there are numbers of Native American tribes, whose traditions are much different from the American Christians, including their wedding rituals. Though many marriage rituals vary from tribe to tribe, there are some basic traditional concepts running among all the Native Americans, also known as American Indians. Till today, they maintain their traditions in all their marriages and other related functions.

Few unique wedding traditions seen in Native American societies

  • The weddings of Native Americans are marked with music played on drums, flutes and with whistles, by the men of the community, along with merry songs sung all together.
  • After the initiation of the wedding proposal, the bride grinds corn and makes bread with her own hands to take to her would-be mother in-law. If the mother of the groom accepts the bread, which means the marriage is approved.
  • The Native Americans have the custom of half-marriage and full-marriage. In case of full-marriage, the groom needs to pay some wealth to the bride’s father, with the help of his own father. But in case of half-marriage, the groom cannot pay the asked wealth and agrees to stay with the bride’s family, if the marriage is not approved by his own father.
  • On the early morning of the wedding, the female relatives of the bride wash the hair of the new couple together in a basin. Then their hairs are entangled or weaved together, featuring their lifelong union. Then they walk in that state to a hilltop or a high place, to watch the sunrise.
  • The wedding dresses differ from one tribe to another, but most of the bridal dresses are woven by their grooms and other men of the communities. But the wedding attires of the new couple always consist of a broad belt, deer skin skirt or leggings, white or striped wedding robes and moccasins, along with jewelries made of shells and beads.
  • The bride and groom need to select some sponsors before the wedding, who will act as their spiritual and marital guide throughout their lives.
  • The main wedding ritual of the native Americans comprise of moving seven steps around a fire by the bride and the groom together, in a clockwise direction. The family members of bride and groom also hold hands and move in another circle around this fire. While the fire is the symbol of sun for them, this ritual is believed to bring light and warmth in the life and the relationship of the new couple. The bride and the groom take seven vows with these seven steps around the holy fire.

Hindu American Weddings Traditions

Hindu American Weddings Traditions | Image Resource :

Modern touches to the wedding of the Native Americans

As the modern boys and girls from the Native American families are receiving latest education, now they like to induce a few stylish traits into their weddings as well. The practice of sending Save the Date video invitations to their friends hailing from other cultures is one such latest inclusion into a Native American wedding. They find it easier to provide the information of their wedding in a short video that can also be uploaded in WhatsApp, as well as in social media sites.

5 Things To Know Before Pursuing A Nursing Career In 2017

Nursing is one of the best professionals in the world. A career in nursing is satisfying and rewarding at the same time. Are you considering pursuing a nursing career? Most people listen to their family or friends and enter a nursing school, but not all of them make it through because they lack the needed dedication and do not clearly understand this profession and challenges revolved around it. If you have made decision to enter into a nursing career in 2017, here are 5 things that you need to consider before getting into nursing school.

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What nursing field you want to go for?

There are various different fields of nursing, and if you want to make it a success, you need to know clearly what you’re getting into. Most of the nursing courses will have specific requirements for licensing and education. So if you are planning to go for a bachelor of science in nursing, you need to know exactly what you’re getting into. If you are aware of what you will be getting into and what are certain challenges in this course, it will be helpful for you to get a practical experience by working as a volunteer. Becoming knowledgeable about certain important aspects of the will help you make the right decision.

What are your career goals?

One of the best things about the nursing course is that you can always improve your career and move up the ladder so to speak. Once you complete your bachelor of science in nursing, you will have many other interesting opportunities and courses that will help you make progress in your career. Look at your short term and long term goals and then plan accordingly. If you plan in advance, it will be helpful to choose the right institution and the course that will be rewarding.

What is the location of institute?

There are many institutions across the country to fulfill your dream of getting a bachelors degree in nursing, but you need to make sure that the institute that you choose is reputed and also located near to your place. Consider the schedules of the class and whether or not it will interfere with your work and other such things that you have planned. Is it easy to travel? Is it going to be more hassle to reach and come back from the institute every day? Consider these questions before you join a course.

What kind of nursing degree do you need?

When you decide to do a nursing course, there are certain things that you want to accomplish. With the help of a course you plan to work on specific type of patients or a career. So make sure that you consider what kind of degree you will need to do the work that you like.

What are the career opportunities?

If you want to make a good career, you need to consider the different career opportunities that you will get by doing a certain course. If you consider this aspect beforehand, you will be in for the best options to work and enjoy your field.

So consider these 5 things before you pursue your nursing career, and reap many advantages in the long run.


If you have ever thought of gifting a present to any of your friends, then you must have faced the anxiety because you cannot figure out what to buy. And if that friend happens to be a male, your options go marginally and it’s normal to come to your wit’s end. Moreover, in this situation, you scout around the malls to find some luxury or maybe budget friendly items and other times you will even resort to read articles such as this one to figure out what can be gifted to your male friend, colleague, boyfriend or even husband. And if you are someone familiar with Business gift giving etiquette then you most probably have given almost all the conventional gifts, and you are looking for some other options, and then keep on reading.

Men’s Personalized Gift Ideas


The conventional gifts available in the market or even online which are good for daily use are watches, shirts, pants, jeans, blazer, tuxedo, shoes, perfume or deodorants, tie, belts, pen holders, stuffed toys, key chains, cards, paintings, lamps, quotations, toys and other such accessories. But they do seem unattached and not personal enough. If you have ever received a painting painted by the person himself /herself, then you know no other gift can match the satisfaction of knowing that someone took their time out to make something that relates to you on the personal level. But everyone cannot paint or draw or have knowledge of origami or know any artistic form. This is where you need the help of the professionals. You can ask a professional for help and he will surely convert your idea into the reality.

It is quite easy to know what a person likes, through the ever growing social media. You can pick up some pictures from there and make them into a collage or have them printed on a pillowcase, cup, pen holder, key chain, etc. It is definitely a bit tricky to figure out men’s personalized gift ideas, but all you need to do is think and make sure that someone executes it to perfection. Men are more likely to be nerdy than a female, so figure out what they like, be it a movie, game, anime, show or any other thing that he fixates on and try to create a manly yet unique gift idea and make it happen. Believe me; it will not go unnoticed.

We have been living in a society with many customs that require us to put some thought into what we can present our near and dear ones with in order to ease their life or just put a smile on their face. Sometimes, chocolate might do the trick, but for most of the times, one has to rely on thinking outside the box to present a reasonable gift. There are many men’s personalized gift ideas that you can find online and present your male friends accordingly.