Different Kinds of Ball Bearings, their Variations and Implementations

ball bearing rollers
Ball Bearing Rollers

When you look into various technologies in and around your home or office what you will notice is that they contain innumerable amount of small parts, all of which work together to bring about their smooth functioning.

One of the key elements of these parts is bearing which assist metal parts which are moving and enable them to work without any friction. By bringing down friction, the parts work faster and their also last longer as they are not subject to wear and tear caused by friction.

Bearings and Their Implementations

The most common type of automotive bearing used in many auto parts is the roller ball bearing. Its design enables it to take on both radial and thrust loads. This type of bearing is also known a Conrad bearing or single row deep groove bearings. While the inner ring is secured to a rotating shaft, the outer ring sits on a bearing housing. They have raceways and a raceway with higher curvature will bring down fatigue when the bearing is used continuously in a stress full environment.

A type of roller bearing is the spherical roller, which is made up of two rows of barrel shaped rollers that run in two raceways. The structure of the raceway is such that it enables the bearing to take on misalignment. They have the capacity to both a large amount of radial and axial loads and are widely used in car hubs. Another important roller bearing is the needle roller bearing, this one comes with a unique designs, wherein cylindrical rollers in the form of needled are used. The size of the needle bearings is four times longer than that of their diameter.

A very interesting type of bearing is the spherical roller thrust bearing which is used in situations that demand management of heavy axial loads. What is unique about this bearing is its spherical shape. They work at high speeds and bearing are fitted inside a barrel shaped roller.

The structure includes a copper alloy cage and a guide sleeve, the purpose of which is to guide the cage. Though this type of bearing is largely meant for axial load, it is also possible to put a certain amount of radial load onto it. These types of bearings are most suitable for applications which have a small amount of space wherein a load has to be carried at a particular pace.

The many different types of ball bearing rollers offer scope to carry out task in different speeds and capacities. Look into the bearing catalog to find bearing which have the size and shape suitable for your equipment needs.