All You Need to Know About Roller Thrust Bearing

To reduce the friction and stress when a metal comes in contact with metal in any machinery such as automotive, etc thrust bearings are used. Roller thrust bearings are very commonly used in various applications as they have higher load capacities. In this type of thrust bearing, washers that are used are generally flat and not grooved as in the ball thrust bearings. These consist of rolling elements which can be spherical, tapered, needle or cylindrical rollers.

Cylindrical or spherical rollers are suitable to support heavy loads. They have excellent axial rigidity. Roller bearings are typically used in cars especially between the gears, rotating shafts, etc. They carry axial loads or pure thrust with very little or no radial forces. In this, barrel-shaped rolling elements are used. They are used to support either single or double-direction of heavy loads. The roller thrust bearings use oil-based lubricant and hence they offer greater stability as well as speed rate.

In roller thrust bearing, the rollers consist of a length that is kept perpendicular to the shaft. These are available in various shapes and sizes that directly affect the efficiency of the bearings. They consist of two rings which are also known as ‘washers’. The rings are configured with designs, shapes, and sizes of the bearings.

Applications of Roller Thrust Bearing:

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Roller thrust bearings are often used in that machinery that requires supporting higher loads. With roller bearings, the load is spread over a huge area and hence, they support heavier weights. They are resilient and decreases friction between the moving parts.

Types of Roller Thrust Bearings:

There are various types of roller thrust bearings. With slightly crowned rollers, the cylindrical roller bearings work amazingly great in one-direction thrust devices. Needle roller bearings have thin and long cylindrical rollers that are arranged in a spoke-like configuration. They are cheap and economical.

Another type of roller bearing is tapered roller thrust bearings. These are composed of conical rollers. They are used for single or double-direction thrust loads. Spherical roller thrust bearings have contoured rollers. These rollers are arranged in an angular fashion. Hence, they are self-aligning. They have the capacity of accommodating misaligned shaft.

Roller Bearing Mechanism:

The roller thrust bearing mechanism works on a simple mechanism. They continuously move and rotate to keep the machinery going forward without any friction or stress. Of all the thrust roller bearing types, spherical roller bearings are more sophisticated and have excellent self-aligning capacity.

However, the roller bearings are available in various different types and choose the best one which suits your applications.

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