Calculate Mutual Fund Returns

Mutual fund offer a wide range of investment solutions to the investors. Mutual fund is a single pool of money collected from a large number of investors and invested in stocks, bonds and other securities. The money is managed by Asset Management Companies.

Mutual Fund

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Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)  allows you to invest a fixed amount of money in mutual funds regularly. It is a simple, convenient and disciplined way to reach your financial goals. You can invest small amount of money monthly to reach your final amount. The right amount of money to be invested regularly is called the SIP amount. The following rules should be followed while investing through SIP

  • You should start early and invest regularly.
  • You should stay disciplined and invest for the future
  • You should always invest the right amount

To calculate the right SIP amount you should know the following

  • Your financial goal
  • The number of years you want to invest for
  • The right amount to be invested regularly to reach your financial goal

ICICI Pru MF offers  mutual fund calculator to calculate the right amount to be invested regularly.


You can benefit from the power of compounding by investing in mutual funds. You have to first invest the principal amount. This amount will generate interest. You can add the interest rate to the principal amount and reinvest. This time the interest earned will be bigger as the principal amount is bigger.This process can be repeated and you generate money from money and end up with more money.

Calculate Mutual Fund Returns

Calculate Mutual Fund Returns | Image Resource :

Benefits of investing in mutual funds

The benefits of investing in mutual funds are

  • The funds are managed by professional fund managers and they are supported by expert research teams to give you the right market information
  • As mutual fund invest in different asset class they help you to diversify your investments and reduce investment risk.
  • You can invest and withdraw any amount and you can also choose to invest systematically.
  • The industry is well regulated and transparent so you get complete information about the value of your funds and where they are invested.
  • Some funds allow you to invest in large ticket size investments.

It may become difficult to keep track and plan your investments. ICICI Pru MF offers a range of  tools and planners to help you with calculations and numbers Tools and planners offer user friendly investment options and help you plan your investment goals. They make investing an easy and enjoyable experience.




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