5 Customized Corporate Gift Ideas For 2017

Looking for corporate gift ideas that your business partners and clients will love? If you want to gift items that do not end up in the closet but instead create a lasting impression on your clients, you can go for 3D printed gift items for corporate gifting. 3D printing allows you to make the gift of your choice. The gifts are made using 3D printing technology. It is a simple and a fast way to make 3D printed gift items.

Most of the shops have a design portfolio to help you select the design and the product. You can also create your own gift and customise them as you want. These shops can make products to meet your exact needs and can make gifts for any event or occasion. You can make both beautiful decorative items or functional products – the possibilities of what can be made are boundless. The end result is a truly unique and a personalized gift that will surely impress your family, friends or business colleagues and partners.

You can make customised one-of-a-kind product for your business gifting needs. The five most popular 3D printed corporate gift items are

Logo Pen Stand
You can make a pen stand with your company’s logo. It is a unique and useful gift that can given to employees on special occasions.

Card Holder
This is also a very useful gift. It can be made with a unique design and you can add your corporate logo and brand name. You can impress your clients with this unique gift.

Wireframe Clock
This is a unique clock as it has a wireframe around it. It is a perfect piece to keep on your desk. There are various designs from antique to modern that can fit into any theme.

Trophies and Awards
It can be custom made for your corporate events and they can also have catchy phrases written on them.

Company logo
You can give your company logo a unique design to stand out among the rest.

These products are made using 3D technology and 3D printing material. The 3D printing material used are nylon, plastic, sandstone and any meta. A variety of finishes are available. Finishes like smooth surface with slightly granular feel, slightly granular surface, smooth finish, shiny finish, rough finish and plastic type feel are available. Thus you can design items to suit your specific needs and tastes.

The price of the product depends on the manufacturing process, material used and the design. Each product is custom made from scratch. The price of an item can be estimated only after reviewing what is required.

Most of the shops have online websites. You can customize the gifts available online. You can order the corporate gift items online and get them delivered to your home or the recipient. Most of them deliver all over India and abroad. Your clients and business partners will definitely be impressed with the personal touch you add to your gifts.

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