Amazing Traditions Followed In All Native American Weddings

In America, there are numbers of Native American tribes, whose traditions are much different from the American Christians, including their wedding rituals. Though many marriage rituals vary from tribe to tribe, there are some basic traditional concepts running among all the Native Americans, also known as American Indians. Till today, they maintain their traditions in all their marriages and other related functions.

Few unique wedding traditions seen in Native American societies

  • The weddings of Native Americans are marked with music played on drums, flutes and with whistles, by the men of the community, along with merry songs sung all together.
  • After the initiation of the wedding proposal, the bride grinds corn and makes bread with her own hands to take to her would-be mother in-law. If the mother of the groom accepts the bread, which means the marriage is approved.
  • The Native Americans have the custom of half-marriage and full-marriage. In case of full-marriage, the groom needs to pay some wealth to the bride’s father, with the help of his own father. But in case of half-marriage, the groom cannot pay the asked wealth and agrees to stay with the bride’s family, if the marriage is not approved by his own father.
  • On the early morning of the wedding, the female relatives of the bride wash the hair of the new couple together in a basin. Then their hairs are entangled or weaved together, featuring their lifelong union. Then they walk in that state to a hilltop or a high place, to watch the sunrise.
  • The wedding dresses differ from one tribe to another, but most of the bridal dresses are woven by their grooms and other men of the communities. But the wedding attires of the new couple always consist of a broad belt, deer skin skirt or leggings, white or striped wedding robes and moccasins, along with jewelries made of shells and beads.
  • The bride and groom need to select some sponsors before the wedding, who will act as their spiritual and marital guide throughout their lives.
  • The main wedding ritual of the native Americans comprise of moving seven steps around a fire by the bride and the groom together, in a clockwise direction. The family members of bride and groom also hold hands and move in another circle around this fire. While the fire is the symbol of sun for them, this ritual is believed to bring light and warmth in the life and the relationship of the new couple. The bride and the groom take seven vows with these seven steps around the holy fire.

Hindu American Weddings Traditions

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Modern touches to the wedding of the Native Americans

As the modern boys and girls from the Native American families are receiving latest education, now they like to induce a few stylish traits into their weddings as well. The practice of sending Save the Date video invitations to their friends hailing from other cultures is one such latest inclusion into a Native American wedding. They find it easier to provide the information of their wedding in a short video that can also be uploaded in WhatsApp, as well as in social media sites.

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