An Overview And Benefits Of The English Speaking Courses In Vashi

English is now considered as a universal language that can be used in most of the countries of the world. Hence, many students passing out from vernacular medium schools want to be fluent in English, for which they join any spoken English course. As Mumbai is one of the busiest cities of India, most of the residents of this city want to improve their English communication skills. So the English speaking courses in Vashi are fast gaining popularity among the interested English learners.

Different kinds of syllabi used in the English speaking courses of Vashi

Most of the spoken English courses are divided into three levels, according to the existing knowledge of the students in English language. However, the syllabus of all the levels comprise of English grammar, increase in vocabulary, enhancement of reading and writing capabilities, as well as the fluency in English conversation.

English Speaking Courses In Vashi

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  • The first or the Basic level is comprised of learning more and more English words, correct structural forms of the sentences and the right application of tenses and other basic properties of English grammar.
  • The second course is Intermediate level that deals with learning the accurate usage of English grammar, enhancement in the knowledge of English vocabulary, improvement of English pronunciation through reading and conversing sessions, as well as honing the writing skills of better English.
  • The Advance level of the spoken English course consists of highly advanced chapters of English grammar, difficult words and phrases from English vocabulary, high fluency in speaking English before the public and writing of error free English sentences.

Some distinct features of spoken English courses in Vashi

  • These English speaking courses are conducted on week days, for 2 hours session on each evening for the working people. But there are longer sessions on the weekends as well, so that the people working in tight schedules can also attend these classes comfortably.
  • The durations of these spoken English courses vary from 4 weeks to as long as 52 weeks, depending on the learning capability and the present status of the students in English language. Some people are already good in English, but just want to further polish their communication skills for job purposes and thus, they want to take a crash course of very short period.
  • The enrolled students are offered various texts for learning and practicing the usage of English language in reading and writing. They are also given audio and video CDs, from where they can hear and learn the correct pronunciations of English words and practice speaking accordingly, thus enhancing the power of English conversation more effectively.
  • The students are encouraged to speak more often during the classes, to improve their confidence in speaking English sentences without causing too many errors in vocabulary and grammar. They are also taught different kinds of speeches on various topics, as per their choices.
  • The art of creative writing or technical writing skills are also imparted to the students of advanced courses, with the correct sentence structures, formats and the distinct patterns of writing.

Therefore, the people can gain expertise in learning better English from these spoken English courses that are conducted in various institutions of Vashi, in Navi Mumbai.

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